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Little Ones - Everything You Need To Know For Sunday

Hi Everyone!

We made it through the difficult words of Jesus, and you know what? I'm so glad we don't skip anything because sometimes it's the difficult things we need to hear, right? If you missed it you can always catch up on our podcast.

Well, Jesus ends this part of teaching with a pretty wonderful idea: whatever we do for these "Little ones" is like doing it for Him. Can't wait to talk about the little ones this Sunday!

Here's how you can join our service on Sunday at 10:30am:

In Person: Our gym is open this Sunday for whoever would like to join us in person. We can hold 80 people safely and distanced, and being a smaller church, that means there is room for anyone with the desire to come (as long as you haven't been in contact with someone who has tested positive in the last 14 days or are showing any symptoms.) Masks are mandatory and provided if you don't have one.

Online: We also welcome anyone to join online. We've created an inclusive service that includes portions of the service coming from our online participants. It's a great and safe way to worship throughout the pandemic. Here's the zoom link:

By Phone: +1 587 328 1099 Meeting ID: 818 9727 4719

Sunday School

We have a special Zoom call led by our Children and Youth Pastor on Sunday at 9:45am. Parents, you'll just need to set-up your child or children with the zoom call, print off the colouring sheet, and then let Erin take it from there!

Meeting ID: 770 5231 9448

Passcode: FS9xyv

I pray this service gives you hope, opens your eyes to the beautiful people in the world, and confirms the truth that you are God's beloved.

See you soon!


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