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May @ CCCF

We're trying something new this May and I'm excited to share with you what we have planned!

We're going to have some Sundays exclusively online in order to stand in solidarity those who are unable to join in person due to COVID-19 and it's many reasons people have had to stay home. Every other Sunday we will be opening up the gym to welcome those who can join us in person. We will be following all AHS guidelines to offer a safe experience of worship for anyone who would like to come.

Then on May 16th we'll be doing something totally new which is having our service outside and online. I realize that our in person option doesn't accommodate families with young children very well as we haven't been able to provide childcare. By moving outside we can allow our kids lots of space to play on the playground and run in the field.

I hope that this allows us options that accommodates the many needs within our church while also inviting us to think about those who can't come in person as well.

No matter how you can join just know that you are so loved and we are so grateful for your participation in worship throughout this strange year.

God bless,


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