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Mulberry - All You Need To Know For This Sunday

Hi Everyone!

Once when Courtney and I were leading the youth ministry we took the youth downtown to the mustard seed. We had a weekend experience where we tried to experience what it was like to be homeless in Calgary for one day. We had a packed lunch from the mustard seed, and we went out on the streets to find the resources available to those without a home. It was cold. But, there were a few places to go to receive some warmth — the library, the Salvation Army, the Alpha house, the drop in centre and so on.

This Sunday we read a scripture about Jesus sending out his disciples to share the message: The Kingdom of Heaven has come near. But, He sends them out without money, without an extra tunic, and without sandals (!). Why make it so hard for them? Well, because not only were they to share the great gift of Christ with the world, they were also to receive well the hospitality of others. To be homeless for some time. To share a gift is incredibly generous, but have we ever stopped to think how incredibly loving and humbling it is to receive as well? To not be the great givers, with all the answers, but rather a humble servant of Christ with the power to heal and cast out demons, but also no shoes on our feet.

To be a disciple of Christ we must learn the way of giving the gift, but also at the same time receiving from others. Beautiful if you ask me.

How to Join Our Worship Service On Sunday at 10:30am:

  1. On Zoom:

  2. By Phone: Dial 1 587 328 1099 Then punch in the Meeting ID: 861 9528 8539

  3. Check out our Sunday Program with important information on announcements, giving, prayer and more!

How To Join Our Special Sunday school Zoom Call

Every Sunday at 9:45am we have a Sunday school class for kids ages 4-12 on Zoom specially designed for the online experience.

Join on Zoom at 9:45 - 10:25am on Sunday

Meeting ID: 757 3760 9310

Passcode: pDB6qp

Check out the online Lesson plan and printable colouring sheet here:

That's it!

May you receive well all the gifts God gives you this week, and in turn, may you give freely the gift of Christ to all you meet.

God bless and see you Sunday!


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