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Mystifying Indifference - Everything You Need For This Sunday

Hi Everyone!

We just heard the news that restrictions have eased a bit for religious gatherings back to 15% fire capacity. We're going to keep what we have planned for this Sunday, which is a stay at home Sunday with no in person option. But, starting a week from Sunday we will be back to offering in person worship options! Pretty excited about that!

This Sunday we're continuing to look at Jesus' words in Matthew and we're going to talk about this question: What is one of the hugest hindrances to the Kingdom of God here on earth? What gets in the way? Jesus' words help us answer this and it may not be what you expect!

How To Join On Sunday at 10:30am

Sunday School

There's a special zoom call for kids ages 4-12 at 9:45am this Sunday.

You can join that here:

Meeting ID: 767 3379 0140

Passcode: 56WNqR

I'm praying now that you feel the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. That even when you feel uncertain or afraid, you feel the love and peace of God with you. I look forward to being with you on Sunday! God bless,


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