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New Creation - Everything You Need To Know For Sunday, September 6th

Hi Everyone!

This Sunday we being our series called "Church: who we are, why we are, and what can never be lost" as we look at what church is and how nothing (even a virus) can take away who we called to be. This Sunday we think about the question: what is church? And how what we picture in our head may be right and wrong at the same time. I'm REALLY excited to share about a renewed vision in the church I've felt over these past few months.

You're welcome to join us in person in our gym at 333 Midpark Way SE at 10:30am. We encourage all to wear masks and keep a safe distance from each other and use the hand sanitizing stations set up.

Or if joining online is something you're more comfortable with you can join us on Zoom at 10:30am by clicking this link:

or call in:

+1 587 328 1099

Meeting ID#: 883 7960 8713

Check out our Sunday program here:

Our Sunday School is taking a week break before kicking off next week for our new September Sunday School program starting next week at 9:00am. For kids joining us in the gym, you may want to provide colouring, lego, or any other quiet activities.

I hope that this week you find that you are beloved by God and everyday given a new opportunity to live in it. I also pray you know that you are loved by your church and have a place to discover this together.

You are loved,


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