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Podcast - Room to Roam

Romans is perhaps the greatest book in Bible history. It has set off revolutions in spirituality and theology since it was first read in the ancient city of Rome in 57 a.d.. It was originally written by theological workhorse Paul the apostle, re-appropriated by Martin Luther as a significant impetus for the reformation, and then, in the 20th century, the great Swiss thinker Karl Barth's commentary on Romans blew a giant hole in the academic and church world.

Romans 5 takes us into the heart of God and in the heart of God is where the enemies of God become his friends. But there is even more. In the heart of God, we undergo a process Paul calls reconciliation. This is a huge idea, a place to roam and pray, it is a truth that God wants to use to change us and indeed to change the world.

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