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Podcast - What Song Will You Sing?

On Sunday, August 27th, we heard from special guest speaker Connie Main Duarte who is the co-general secretary of the European Evangelical Alliance, as well as being a missionary with the Baptist General Conference.

Connie looked at Psalms 137 and 40. Both are songs of lament, but they are very different in tone. Psalm 137 is full of anger, sadness, hopelessness, and frustration. It was written by people who were in exile in Babylon. Psalm 40 was God-breathed through David. David also laments his circumstances, but he is still filled with hope in the power of a loving God. He knows that God is good and is victorious. God wants to hear about our difficult circumstances, but He also wants us to place our hope in Him. What song will you sing when the going gets tough?

Click below to listen.

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