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Revealed To Children - Everything You Need To Know

Hi Everyone!

You're invited to join us for worship this Sunday! We have our in-person option in our gym at 333 Midpark way as well as our zoom option. We're incorporating slightly larger worship teams, which is exciting!

For two weeks we looked at Jesus talking about what frustrated his ministry. This Sunday he pivots to celebrating the people that don't! And who are they?! "Little Children" Jesus is so fantastic, I don't know what to say. So, we'll be looking at how we can become more like little children.

Everything You Need To Join Us For Worship At 10:30am

  1. In Person: We have a "grab a chair and sit wherever you like" feel to our in person services. You're free to set-up in our full size gym wherever you like, as long as it is 6ft from the next person. Kids are welcome, although there is no childcare offered. Masks are mandatory and we can provide them if you don't have one.

  2. Online:

  3. Phone: +1 587 328 1099 Meeting ID: 870 2409 9081

  4. Online Program:

Sunday school For Ages 4-12

All throughout the summer we have a special Zoom call for Sunday school. It starts at 9:45 and ends at 10:25am.

We just need parents to get their kids set-up with the zoom call, a colouring sheet and some colouring utensils and we will take it from there!

Zoom Call:

Meeting ID: 962 1583 2366

Passcode: 91247

Colouring Sheet:

That's it!

I hope this service helps you connect with God, with your church, and with the world around you. May you come to know more and more and more that God loves you and you can trust God.


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