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Strawberry - All You Need To Know For This Sunday

Hi Everyone!

There was this mulberry tree that used to grow in a Latter Day Saints church parking lot that was right next to my house growing up. Mulberries are pretty bad on the spectrum of berries, but they used to grow wild and free on this tree. The neighbourhood kids would pick as many mulberries as we wanted and we used to stain our fingers. There was enough for anyone that wanted them.

On Sunday we talk about the scripture where Jesus sends out the 12 to continue the ministry Jesus started. Over the years we've made sharing our faith about skilled sales pitches, or presentations and we've often gotten caught up in the pressure to share our faith a certain way. If you're like me it leaves you feeling inadequate and a little scared.

But what if it's all a lot simpler than we were told? Not just simpler, more fun, full of beauty, power and life? What if we are just sharing a gift we've received with someone else? What if we found a mulberry tree and we just need to tell someone there's enough berries on the tree for them too.

None of this made it into the sermon. I actually just thought of the mulberry tree just now. Maybe I should've called this mulberries instead of strawberry.

How to Join The Worship Service on Sunday:

  1. On zoom: Click this link at 10:30am on Sunday

  2. By Phone: call +1 587 328 1099 the enter the meeting ID: 847 2183 5206

  3. Check out our Sunday program: It's full of important info to accompany the worship service.

How to Join Sunday school

We have a special zoom call for children ages 4-12. It's tailored to the online experience and is great for all kids!

Join on Zoom at 9:45 - 10:25

May you receive all the gifts and blessing of Christ, so much so you overflow with them and everyone around you gets to share in the abundance.

Grace and peace,


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