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Take Instead The Ram - Father's Day at CCCF - Everything You Need To Know

Hi Everyone!

We've got a great Sunday planned. We're having an outdoor, in person option for Father's Day. If weather allows, we'll be set-up on the field behind the gym with a full band and lots of space to come and worship and let the kids play on the playground. If the weather doesn't allow, we will move the service into the gym. As always we will have a Zoom option as well.

For Father's Day we'll be looking at a disturbing story about God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son for him. (spoiler alert: God stops it from happening. This story has been around for a couple thousand years so if I spoiled it for you, that's on you!) How do we see God as our father? Like this? Like a Father that tests our devotion to him? Or, can we come back to this story in the light of Christ and see the story as God showing us something totally revolutionary about Him as our Father? Well, you know that's what we'll be doing!

God is a good father.

How To Join Our Service At 10:30am on Sunday

  1. In Person outside: Bring a lawn chair or a blanket (we will have chairs for those who aren't able to bring their own) or whatever else you need to enjoy our service outside! Kids are welcome to play on our playground for the duration of the service. If it is raining then you can plan on being inside, no need to bring anything.

  2. On Zoom:

  3. By Phone: +1 587 328 1099 Meeting ID: 851 0094 8073

  4. Sunday Program: There won't be any slides since we'll be outside (there will be if you're on zoom). Instead, the words to all the songs will be in this program and is oriented for a phone. So feel free to have it ready on your phone for Sunday:

How Kids Can Join A Special Sunday school Zoom Call On Sunday

at 9:45am we have a special zoom call just for kids. We just need an adult to set them up with a device, print off the colouring sheet, and then we will take it from there!

This week we have different printable options for Father's Day cards!

Join the call here:

Meeting ID: 971 3437 2643

Passcode: 91247

Lesson plan and colouring sheet:

That's it!

My love and prayers are with you, and I pray this service is a blessing to you and gives you space to connect with God, connect with others that love you, and connect with your own soul.


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