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Testify! July at CCCF

July is a special month for us and here's why:

We've created an in person option back in our building for those that feel it is safe for them to come and experience the service in person (more information on how this works will be coming soon). We will also be having a Zoom option for all those who may not be able to come in person. It will be services of collaboration from those in the gym and on Zoom, and I'm so excited!

We will also be taking some time in July to hear from those within Canyon Creek to testify! They will be sharing their story with us and showing us how God is alive and with us. Revelation says that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony!

Here's what it will look like:

July 5th - Garo And Sylvie Sarkhanian will be sharing updates on how COVID-19 has affected their family, what it's like being newer immigrants to Canada and what it's like being part of the Armenian community in Calgary.

July 12th - Jade Clarke will be sharing with us her story of being a single mom, getting degrees, and establishing a career all at once. As well we will hear about what her faith has meant to her.

July 19th - Shalin Kashyap will be sharing about his story being born in West Africa, relocating to London, then Calgary, joining the police force and how God has sustained him throughout all of it.

A huge thank you to our Creekers who are sharing! I can't wait to listen.


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