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The Difficult Words of Jesus - Everything You Need For This Sunday

Hi Everyone!

This week we're heading back into the book of Matthew, specifically Matthew 10:32-33 and for the next few weeks we're diving into Jesus and His more difficult words!

This Sunday we are having our gym open to anyone who would like to join us in person as well as on Zoom for all those more comfortable at home.

For those joining us in person, there's a few things to be aware of. We have a full size gym which allows us to host 80 people in person which is in line with the current Alberta COVID guidelines. We haven't yet been close to 80 people in person throughout the pandemic, so there will be room for you if you'd like to come! There is no childcare for our in person service, but our field and playground is available for our kids to play in. We also have lots of Easter Goodie bags left over that we can hand out to our kids (if it's ok with you of course). Masks are mandatory and we can provide you with one if you forget or don't have one. We provide seats and ask that you take a chair and sit wherever you like as long as it is at least 6 feet from someone outside of your family/cohort.

We welcome anyone who isn't comfortable joining in person to join us on Zoom! This week our worship is being led from home, often our announcements are done over zoom. This means that whether you join in person or online you will feel like you are part of the action! If you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive in the past 14 days, if you show any symptoms, or are vulnerable to the virus we ask you join us online.

Everything You Need To Join Us For Worship On Sunday

Our service starts at 10:30am

  1. In person at 333 Midpark Way

  2. On Zoom:

  3. By Phone: +1 587 328 1099 Meeting ID: 898 1640 9823

  4. Check out our Sunday program now designed for mobile:

Sunday school For This Sunday

We have a special Zoom call just for kids ages 4-12. It starts at 9:45am on Sunday. Simply set-up your kids on zoom, print off the colouring sheet, and we will take it from there!

Meeting ID: 786 3519 2431

Passcode: xi4jF1

Lesson plan and colouring sheet:

I pray you find grace and peace through the love of Christ through our services this week! And that you find a community of people that love you.

God bless,


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