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The Scaffolding And The Window - Everything You Need For Sunday

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to summer! We welcome you all to joins us in person or online this Sunday at 10:30am.

This Sunday a deep question is on my heart: Why does the religion designed inspire people to be Christ's love in the world so often do the opposite? How many times have you heard someone turn away from Christ because the church failed? On Sunday we look at a story where Jesus confronts this, and we see something He does to show us when religion is beautiful and wonderful but also where it can fail and lose it's way. What a wonderful passage for us, so we can know how to love people, show them the love of Christ, and not continue to put barriers in the way.

How to join us on Sunday at 10:30am

  1. In Person: You are welcome to join us in person in a full size school gym at 333 Midpark Way SE. We have chairs for you where you can sit wherever you like, safely distanced, and enjoy worshipping with others. Masks are worn and provided.

  2. Online: You can also join us on Zoom here:

  3. Sunday Program: with announcement, giving info and more!

Sunday School

We have a special zoom call at 9:45am on Sunday for kids ages 4-12. We have an awesome Summer student named Ella who prepares interactive stories, colouring sheets, and more!

Join on Zoom here:

Meeting ID: 971 3437 2643

Passcode: 91247

I pray God uses this service to encourage you and help us to become a church that looks more and more like Him. Love you all so much!


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