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The Secret Of The Easy Yoke - Everything You Need To Know For Sunday

Hi Everyone!

We invite you all to join us to worship Christ, to be filled with His heart and spirit, and to spur each other on to be his redeeming presence in the world!

You can join us in person or online.

This Sunday we look at a very famous passage of scripture. Jesus calls all the wear and burdened to Him and He will give them rest. He says his yoke is easy and the burden is light. These words are exactly what I needed this week. But, if this is true, why are we so darn tired? Burnt out? Exhausted? Why don't I see the easy yoke on us? Are we following Jesus but not accepting his easy yoke? I think so.

How You Join Us For Worship at 10:30am On Sunday

  1. In Person: We welcome you to come and worship in person. We meet in a full size gym and can safely accommodate 80 people within AHS guidelines (which means if you want to come, there's room!). We provide chairs which you can set-up anywhere in the gym. We wear and provide masks for the service.

  2. Online: You can also join us on Zoom!

  3. By Phone: +1 587 328 1099

  4. Program: Check out our Sunday program with more information about what our church is doing:

Sunday School For This Sunday

We have an incredible Sunday school teacher named Ella who leads a special zoom call for children ages 4-12 at 9:45am on Sunday.

There's a special craft this Sunday where we will be planting seeds in a cup of soil. If your kids are joining us on Sunday we want to get the supplies to you! Please contact and I will be sure you get it before Sunday!

Here's the zoom info:

Meeting ID: 971 3437 2643

Passcode: 91247

Hope these services show you the love of God to you and your families. Love you all!


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