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The Unforgivable Sin - Everything You Need for Sunday

Hi Everyone!

This Sunday, we take a look at a passage where Jesus defines a sin that will not be forgiven. This passage has puzzled many, and me included. There’s a sin that the grace and blood of Jesus does not forgive? How?! Why? And what happens if we have committed that sin?

On Sunday, we’ll dig into it and find out that the good news is still good! And this warning from Jesus may be the exact thing we all need to hear.

All are welcome to join us in person, as our facility allows us to accommodate more people than we have at 1/3 capacity. Masks will be worn and provided if you need one. We also welcome you to join us on Zoom if that works best for you. We look forward to being with you in whatever way you can join us.

How to Join Us on Sunday at 10:30 am

  1. In-Person: All are welcome to join us at 333 Midpark Way in a full-sized school gym.

  2. On Zoom:

  3. By Phone: 1 587 328 1099 - Meeting ID: 832 9435 1684

  4. Check Out Our Sunday Program with More Important Info for the Service:

In-person Sunday School!

We now have in-person Sunday School for kids aged 4-12 with our new amazing teacher, Alissa! Sunday School will be held after our worship time.

That's all you need to know for this Sunday. May God richly bless you as you worship together this Sunday!

God bless,


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