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There's a collection of erotic poems in the middle of our Bible, why? - Everything you need to know

Hi Everyone!

When Valentines day falls on a Sunday you've got to roll with it, right? It caused me to take a step back and think "What does romance teach us about God?" and then I realized there's a whole collection of erotic poems right in the middle of our Bible. Pretty wild right? And I mean, it's not even PG, once you learn some of the metaphors it is pretty steamy, like stuff I can't even mention at church. Yet, there they are, in all their glory! But why? (there's not even one mention of God anywhere!) What are they doing in the Bible? Surely there's a really good reason for them. Well, yes! Of course! Looking forward to sharing with you what God wants to show us through the Song of Songs.

How To Join Us For Worship This Sunday

1. On Zoom: Join us on Zoom at 10:30am by clicking this link

2. By Phone: Or call in by dialling 1 587 328 1099 then the Meeting ID: 871 3880 7502

3. Download the Sunday Program:

How Your Children Can Join A Special Sunday school Zoom Call:

We have a special zoom call for children ages 4-12 on Sunday morning at 9:45-10:25. There's a Bible story, time to connect with each other, and a colouring sheet which you can print out. Simply set up your child(ren) on the zoom call with the colouring sheet and we will take it from there!

Join the Sunday school zoom call here:

Meeting ID: 740 5824 3149

Passcode: e2WaAw

Download the lesson and colouring sheet here:

I pray you feel God's unconditional love over you this week and as you join us this Sunday. See you soon!


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