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This Sunday - All You'll Need To Know

Hi Everyone!

I'm really excited to have our first online service this Sunday. It is designed to connect us to each other, to God, and to feel as close to our in person services as possible.

I know this is new to all of us, so I wanted to give you all the information you'll need to know to join us this Sunday. Here it is!

When and where can I join the livestream?

The live stream will be posted on our Facebook page on Sunday morning at around 10:20am. You can access our Facebook page here:

Do I need a Facebook account to watch?

No, our Facebook page is public to anyone with internet. You can get access to the stream and our other content on Facebook even without an account. Just click the link above.

What do I need to have with me?

We've created an online program for Sunday. It's as if the slides and bulletin had a very awesome baby. You can find it through this link:

If you're watching with your family, you may want to think about the best way to set up the stream so all can watch together. Perhaps plugging your computer into your TV through the HDMI cable, or streaming it to your chrome cast or Apple TV. If this sounds like gibberish to you, don't worry, just watch it however you can.

I've got kids, is there anything for them?

Yes! We've incorporated a song into our worship with kids in mind. There's some actions you can all do together. After the announcements -- just like on a typical Sunday -- we can dismiss the kids to colour and fill out a special work sheet, which can be found here:

This will require a printer. If you need a printed copy, send us an email and we'll have a physical copy available at the church building for you to pick up at a time arranged.

What about tithes and offerings?

There are many ways to give online. There's a page on our website for giving as well as information in your online program linked above. Your continued giving to CCCF online is very much appreciated.

What about people who don't have the internet?

We've been reaching out to those in our congregation who are not online. We're keeping them updated over the phone on what's going on. Although they will miss the live stream, we will do our best to pray with them and keep them in the loop.

Anything else?

Yes! We want to stay connected by hearing from you! So, please feel free to comment on the live stream (this part does require a Facebook account) so we know who's watching and from where. Post a photo of you and/or your family to Facebook or instagram of you watching the live stream so we can see how everyone is joining us. All of this will help us feel together online.

Lastly, lets remember how important it is for us to continue to meet as a church. This is a time for us to worship, hear from God, hear from each other, pray and continue to be the church that God has called us to be. I'm so grateful that this technology has enabled us to continue to stay connected, and I look forward to hanging out with you all on Sunday!

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