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We're Moving Our Sunday Service To Zoom - Everything You Need To Know For Palm Sunday!

Hi Church Family,

I've decided to move our Sunday Services to video conferencing software called Zoom. This will allow the services to be more collaborative, we can have different people pray or do announcements, we will be able to see who is watching with us, and have options to greet one another through video.

So, here's everything you'll need to know to join us on Sunday!

Will I need to download Zoom onto my computer or smart phone?

In order to connect to zoom from a tablet or smartphone you will need the app. On your computer you are able to launch zoom from your browser without downloading the software, but it will be limited in some of its features. For a large call like Sunday's, Zoom will run best from a computer, so if possible I recommend getting a computer set-up with Zoom before Sunday!

How do I join the service?

Simply use this link to join anytime around 10:20am on Sunday:

Is it free?

Yes! You just need a computer with internet.

Do I have to be seen by everyone?

No, you have the option to join without your webcam and just microphone, or just be an observer. That's ok too. But, I encourage us to be seen if possible. It helps us feel as together as possible, but I understand the appeal of keeping the PJ's on, so I'll let you decide.

What if I burp or yell at my dog? Will everyone hear me?

I'm so glad you asked this question. Zoom is awesome because it enables us to see and hear one another just like we were together in the church gym. But, this also means you can accidentally disrupt the service if your microphone isn't muted. So, please mute yourself unless you would like to speak. You'll see a microphone image in the bottom left hand corner and can toggle it on and off.

Can I share the Zoom link to my great aunt in the Northern Territories?

Yes! We'd love to meet her. This is the advantage that online services give us - if you know someone that isn't in Calgary but would love to be a part of our service, send them the link.

What about my kids?

One thing that is cool about Zoom is that we can see everyone watching. And with Palm Sunday, we've got a song with actions and it will be SO FUN to see our kids dancing together! So, be sure they are there for worship. If your kids are like mine, they don't love my sermons, so Heidi has compiled an AWESOME Sunday school sheet to equip you to put together a meaningful lesson while you watch the rest of the service. You can download and print them here:

There's a great video link in the document explaining the Palm Sunday Story that's under 3min. Please watch it with your kids anytime before or set it up to play during.

What if I don't have a computer with internet?

My first question would be: how are you talking to me right now? Oh, maybe you're asking for someone else. Zoom has an option for people to call in using a telephone which enables them to hear the service and also talk if they'd like to. The person would have to call this number on Sunday morning at 10:30am:

1 587 328 1099

They would then be prompted to dial in the meeting id # which is: 582 706 753 and then the # key. I will be reaching out to those in the church without internet to help them connect by phone, but you can always check in too!

Is there anything else I can do to prepare for Sunday?

Wow, I really appreciate your attitude here. Thanks. Yes! If you're new to Zoom you can do a bit of googling to get acquainted, and Gwynne will be sending out a "how to" for new users this week.

Please check out our program for Sunday here:

I recommend having this document open on your computer as you join in on the service. It's got important info you might miss without it!

You can also share the Zoom link or Facebook posts from CCCF to encourage and invite anyone you'd think needs the ministry of our church.

And know that you are absolutely loved by God and our church and we are grateful to have you join us on Sunday.

Wow, that's really nice.

Well, it's true!

Are you doing ok being in this quarantine?

Yeah, I'm doing fine. I can feel the weight of it on our church and world but can also see God doing some amazing things through it. Also, sometimes I have conversations with imaginary church members.

Okay... I should let you go.

Okay! See you Sunday!

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