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When Followers of Jesus Miss the Mark - Everything You Need for Sunday

Hi Everyone!

This weekend, James Wheeler will return to share with us. Here is a teaser:

The current church finds itself in a challenging space. Critiques from the outside and breakdowns in community, love, and care on the inside can make us feel discouraged. However, God never leaves the community of faith to its own devices but arrives to save and help through His Son. In the familiar stories of "the lost" and "the found" in Luke 15, we find a God so good we can barely stand it. Brace yourselves!

How to Join Us on Sunday at 10:30 am

  1. In-Person: All are welcome to join us at 333 Midpark Way in a full-sized school gym.

  2. On Zoom:

  3. By Phone: 1 587 328 1099 - Meeting ID: 849 8022 6130

  4. Check out our Sunday Program with more important info for the service:

In-person Sunday School!

We have in-person Sunday School, for kids aged 4-12, with our teacher, Jomar Payoyo. Sunday School is held after our worship time.

This Sunday, we will be learning about the following line of the Lord's Prayer: "Forgive us our sins". We will be learning about what it means to fall short of what God asks of us and how He continues to love us when we fail. You may remember this as the topic for two Sundays ago but I was away sick at the time so, God willing, we will tackle the topic this Sunday!

If you have any questions, or if there is any way that Jomar can support your family in discipling your children at home, please contact him at

God bless,


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