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When The Phone Rings - CCCF's Worship Service and AGM - All You Need To Know

Hi Everyone!

This Sunday we have our AGM (Annual General Meeting). Put very simply what we do at our AGM is look back at our year and thank God and each other for all the beautiful things God has done in and through us, then we look ahead. What is the vision God is leading us to in 2021? I am really excited to share with you that part!

Your board and I have resolved to make this AGM as dynamic, fun, and concise as possible! :) And you won't be missing out on a worship service, there will be plenty of singing, prayer and scripture.

We normally would do a pancake breakfast, but you know: COVID. So, scramble some eggs, flip some pancakes, grease up the waffle iron, and come and join us to seek thank God for what He's done in 2020 and seek his face for 2021!

How To Join The Service on Sunday:

  1. On Zoom - Click this link at 10:30am on Sunday:

  2. By Phone: 1 587 328 1099 - Meeting ID: 824 5093 8522

  3. Check out our Sunday Program:

Sunday school:

We have a special Zoom call for children ages 4-12 on Sunday at 9:45-10:25. Our youth and children's pastor: Erin Clark teaches a class designed for the online experience. Here's how you can help your kids join on Zoom:

Time: January 24th, 2021 from 9:45-10:25am

Meeting ID: 761 2441 5571

Passcode: Va87jH

There's a printable colouring sheet and lesson plan here:

I am really excited to share with you all the goodness of God towards our church on Sunday. (Spoiler: God's goodness to our church has been you!)

May God bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you and give you peace. See you Sunday!


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