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Would You Rather be Intolerant or Undiscipled? - Everything You Need for Sunday

Hi Everyone!

Would you rather be an intolerant church or an undiscipled one? I think many churches today are stuck in the tension of that question. Do you want to go to a place that is rigid, but people grow, things are well attended, Jesus is being glorified, but! Many are not welcome, the standard is high, and the little ones often don’t stay due to the pressure. Or, what about a church that accepts and loves everyone, but is so relaxed that there’s no push to grow in Christ, it’s just a nice accepting place but that’s about it? Which one do you want? Well, why do we have to accept that it has to be one or the other? I don’t want to. So then, how does a church that is radically accepting and a welcome place for little ones grow towards Christ? How would we do that?

How to Join Us on Sunday at 10:30 am

  1. In-Person: All are welcome to join us at 333 Midpark Way in a full-sized school gym.

  2. On Zoom:

  3. By Phone: 1 587 328 1099 - Meeting ID: 814 4692 5906

  4. Check out our Sunday Program with more important info for the service:

In-person Sunday School!

We are taking a break from Sunday School for the month of August. But Sunday School, for kids aged 4-12, will return in September! Stay tuned for further information.

If you have any questions, or if there is any way that we can support your family in discipling your children at home, please contact us at

God bless,


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