Room to Roam - 
ber 2, 2022 - Sunday Program 

Welcome to Canyon Creek, we’re so glad you’re here.

This week you can join us in person or online on Sunday at 10:30 am.


In-person: 333 Midpark Way SE  

To join online, click the button below and it will connect you to Zoom.


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Order of Service 

Welcome and Prayer

God of Wonders

You are My King (Amazing Love)

Time for Prayer and Reflection

Lord, I Need You

Great are You, Lord

Tithes and Offerings




Time to Connect with Each Other

Fantastic Sermon:  Guest Speaker - James Wheeler    Romans 5:1-11

Sunday School

We have Sunday School for kids aged 4-12!  We are happy to have Jomar Payoyo as our teacher this term!

This Sunday, we will be learning about the following line of the Lord's Prayer: "May your will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven." We will be learning about God's will for us and for all of creation, and how we can fill our role as stewards of the earth and of each other.

For families with nursery-aged children, we have a quiet room with toys, and the service is broadcast live so you won't miss a thing. 

Prayer Family of the Week - 
Sheldon, Lauren, Addison, and Hayden Smith

Lauren writes:

Please pray for continued good health and happiness.  Addison just started kindergarten, swimming, and dance so we are busy around here.  Hayden is now two years old and keeps us on our toes.​


Giving at CCCF

Sunday School

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Giving at CCCF

Even though there isn’t a basket being passed, there are ways to give your tithes and offerings while we are meeting online. We greatly appreciate your gifts. 

1.  Go to to give via PayPal.

2. E-transfer to from your online banking. 


1.  Garage Sale on November 12th! - Marie Vautour is holding a garage sale, at the church, on November 12th, to benefit the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre.

2.  R3ACH Youth - Stay tuned for info on the next R3ACH Youth event.

3.  Kids' Club - Stay tuned for more fun events coming up this fall.


Staying Connected

You can reach out to us at: