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R3ach Youth

You might be wondering, "why is there a 3 in your name?" That's a great question! It stands for the three ways we want to be reaching as a group: out, in, and up. Through our events, we want to show love to others, ourselves, and God. Practically, that means having fun as a group, serving the community, getting to know each other, and getting to know ourselves - all while getting to know God. 


R3ach is open to anyone in grades 6 to 12. Events are free (we'll tell you if we plan something with a cost). We meet every other Friday, typically at Canyon Creek. Come as you are! There aren't any requirements, we're just excited to meet you! 

Please contact Erin Clarke at for further information or visit R3ach Youth on Instagram/Facebook.

R3ach Youth Links

1.  General permission form for photo release, overnight events, etc.​

2.  R3each Youth Instagram:  this link is the best way to find out information on events.

3.  R3each Youth Facebook

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