R3ach Youth

You might be wondering, "why is there a 3 in your name?" That's a great question! It stands for the three ways we want to be reaching as a group: out, in, and up. Through our events, we want to show love to others, ourselves, and God. Practically, that means having fun as a group, serving the community, getting to know each other, and getting to know ourselves - all while getting to know God. 


R3ach is open to anyone in grades 6 to 12. Events are free (we'll tell you if we plan something with a cost). We meet every other Friday, typically at Canyon Creek. Come as you are! There aren't any requirements, we're just excited to meet you! 

Please contact Erin Clarke at erindamarisclarke@gmail.com for further information or visit R3ach Youth on Instagram/Facebook.

R3ach Youth Links

1.  General permission form for photo release, overnight events, etc.  


2.  R3each Youth Instagram:  this link is the best way to find out information on events.


3.  R3each Youth Facebook


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